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Acoustic Technologies specialize in providing comfort and increased productivity in noisy open office environments by applying 3D layered sound absorption material adaptable for office furniture.

We started working together in the summer of 2023, during the early stages of product development. Initially, we launched a single-page website to spread the word and invite people to join the waitlist. Later, as the products became ready for pre-order, we added new pages for available products and enabled pre-order options.


We didn't begin from scratch; an existing icon and a blue color palette were already in place. While the icon resonated well with everyone, the blue felt somewhat generic. Keeping the icon as our starting point, I refined the visual identity to better align with the brand's essence.

From client conversations and product renders, I sensed a blend of boldness and softness. However, the existing design leaned more towards sharpness and sleekness. To capture the intended feel, I made subtle adjustments like rounding corners, refining proportions, and opting for a stronger color palette. These updates have transformed the logo and visuals, presenting the company in a more genuine and approachable light.


The website predominantly features light colors and ample white space, complemented by bold, capitalized headlines—a perfect blend to encapsulate the Acoustic Technologies brand essence. We've employed a card-based layout to organize and segment content. Think of these cards as furniture pieces: each serves a unique purpose and has a distinct appearance, yet together they harmoniously contribute to the overall picture.

Dynamic CTA in Navigation: Instead of using a single, global Call to Action (CTA), we tailored it based on the visitor's context. Whether they're browsing the Waitlist or Pre-order page, the CTA dynamically adjusts to remain relevant and actionable.

In the second phase, we developed product description pages with pre-order options. For marketing purposes, we showcased all available products for pre-order on a dedicated /pre-order page.

Stripe proved to be the most straightforward solution for setting up payment links, allowing us to begin collecting pre-orders immediately. We integrated payment links into the CMS, directing customers to the Stripe interface upon clicking the Pre-order button.


To gather potential customer contacts and begin audience building, we integrated a form with pertinent questions. Since the team was already familiar with Airtable, we decided to use it for the form as well. The embedded form saved all contacts directly in an Airtable base. Contacts who opted to receive marketing emails were automatically added to the MailerLite subscriber list via a Zapier integration.

For streamlined content management, I’ve setup Collections for Products, Blog, and Legal documents. Each collection is customized to its specific use, such as a Draft status for upcoming blog articles or filtering products available for Pre-order.

The rest of the website utilizes component Variables for content management. This approach allows us to update content without compromising the design.


“The process of developing Acoustic Technologies website went super smooth, Anton is very good in structuring the process, everything was clear and easy to find. We received design proposal and it was easy to discuss what we would like to adjust. Overall good collaboration!”

Anna Salnikova, Co-Founder at Acoustic Technologies

Cheers to great experiences!

Cheers to great experiences!