Worlds Wide Wants, personal venture.


It's no secret that the world is going mad. Full of conflicting visuals, ranging from stark brutality to charming cuteness. I initiated this project as a platform to explore and delve into arousing subjects. The outcome you might call capitalist merch.

My aim isn't to chase you with ads but to leave you with thoughts or feelings. I've cut down on visuals to boost their impact. I embrace non-coercive marketing, which stands in clear contrast to typical consumerism-driven strategies.

While Framer lacks built-in e-commerce capabilities. To work around this, I set up products in Stripe, activated payment links, and integrated these links into Framer's CMS. This approach provided the functionality I needed.

Owning production isn't part of the current scope. Instead, I've configured all products in Printful for manual order handling and on-demand printing. After ordering a few samples, I organized a photoshoot. Thanks to Petya for the photos!

In the first collection, I delved into a dystopian future where religion and capitalism intertwine. I relied on AI for conceptualization. Exploring the intersection of religion and consumerism raised policy concerns, leading to extensive revisions and creative workarounds to achieve an engaging outcome.

Artwork was commissioned from Latvian artist Konstantins Belihs.

More to come…

Cheers to great experiences!

Cheers to great experiences!