Anton Radionov, Product Designer. Based in Europe.

My designs prioritize clear communication and a positive user experience. I believe in creating accessible, responsive, and lightweight products that contribute to a calm and sustainable internet.

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Selected works

Drinking Water. As a personal venture, I founded Drinking Water to raise awareness about the environmental impact of websites. This project combines my passions for websites and nature, offering low- or no-code website production services with a focus on lightweight and accessible design. Drinking Water serves environmentally conscious customers as a web design partner.


Baltic Architects Unions Association. I was contracted to design and develop the BAUA website. The main purpose of this platform is to archive past events and exhibit student projects. Association consists of Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian Architects unions with a shared goal to promote baltic architecture on the global stage.


MyZenTeam. Initially developed as an internal hiring app for The Remote Company, MyZenTeam underwent a redesign for the public release. I joined the team to design the logo, develop the brand identity, create the marketing website, and provide UX and UI support for product development.


The Remote Company. During my tenure at MailerLite, the parent company TRC was established. I was responsible for designing the logo and brand identity, as well as website production and CMS development. Additionally, I collaborated with the marketing team on various graphics and website updates. TRC brings together a diverse group of individuals from around the world to create exceptional online products.


MailerLite. As part of the Marketing team at MailerLite, I produced graphics for various projects and campaigns. My primary focus was on website design and development, including creating new pages, enhancing user experience, and updating content. I also contributed to design operations to improve collaboration with other teams. MailerLite is a suite of digital marketing tools designed to help businesses grow their audience and drive revenue.


Progress. I contributed to a local cultural space's development by designing its logo. Progress offers a safe haven for individuals to openly express themselves and partake in cultural, music, and art projects.


Insme. At Insme, I led the design efforts, including developing the brand identity, defining the visual language, and designing the mobile application. Insme is a personal insurance assistant that ensures policies remain up to date and provides visitors with the best offers from the market.


Hala Digital. As a Product Designer at Hala Digital, I was responsible for building a design system, ensuring design consistency, and leading the design process. We quickly produced designs and iterated frequently, culminating in the creation of an MVP within four sprints. Hala team developed an AI Assistant that automates IT and business processes for enterprises by leveraging artificial intelligence, knowledge, and business rules.


Flipboook. I was brought on board to design a website with a user-friendly check-out form for a flipbook creation, along with the admin dashboard. Our main objective was to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience. Flipbooks, a novel gifting concept, involve transforming videos into tangible flipbooks, adding a touch of creativity to presents.


Sched. My involvement in this project encompassed refining the Sched concept, conducting market research, and crafting the application's design. Sched, a mobile app idea, is designed to enhance the organization of group meetings, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth coordination.


Airfy. Working closely with the Founder, I contributed to various design projects at Airfy, including websites, web and mobile applications, emails, marketing collaterals, graphics, and technical drawings. Airfy offers guest WiFi services and automated digital marketing solutions to help local businesses grow.


Wallter. When existing products fall short and no optimal solution exists, creating your own product becomes essential. I crafted a sleek, user-friendly application for budgeting and expense tracking. With just a few clicks, transaction is saved and user is on top of his budget.


Cherrypick. During my work at Bureau Farid Kalirad, I meticulously worked on branding, user interface design, and architecture for an iOS mobile application called Cherrypick. This application aimed to help users find the right professionals and places by providing personalized recommendations.


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